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Easy DIY Junk Removal Tips for Your Home Cleanout

Cleaning out your home and getting rid of junk can seem like a big job. But did you know the average American home holds nearly 300,000 items? We often gather more than we need, leading to a messy home.

With simple DIY junk removal tips, tackling your home cleanout is easier. These tips are great whether you’re selling your home or just want to declutter. They’ll help you save time and money.

Here are some expert tips from sites like Becoming Minimalist and Get Organized Already. The Joyful Organizer and The Organizing Professionals also share their advice.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cleaning up your home can be tough, but the right advice makes it easier.
  • An average American home has about 300,000 items, showing why we need to clean out junk.
  • Expert tips can help you save both time and money while decluttering your home.
  • Start by planning your cleanout, listing items, and setting goals.
  • Create piles for keeping, donating, and storing things. Decide what to do with items that have sentimental value.

Plan Your Home Cleanout

Before you dive into your home cleanout, make a plan. Set clear goals for the cleanup. List the items you want to get rid of. Decide if you’ll donate them or maybe rent a dumpster. Then, organize your cleanout room by room to keep on track and not get swamped.

DIY junk removal tips

Planning is key for a smooth home cleanout. Taking time to set goals keeps you focused. Knowing what items you’re removing helps you figure out the cleanout’s size and plan better.

Choosing how to dispose of unwanted items is crucial. You might donate them, recycle, or rent a dumpster for big disposal jobs. Pick the best way to be responsible and efficient. This choice cuts down on waste and keeps the cleanout eco-friendly.

Now, with goals and disposal plans set, outline a decluttering strategy. Tackle it room by room to make it less daunting. Start in an easy, less sentimental space to build momentum. This approach helps you decide better and keep going.

Remember, cleaning out your home changes more than just your space. It’s about creating an environment that matches your lifestyle and values. So, plan well, choose your decluttering steps and get ready for a more organized home.

Take Out the Trash and Start Sorting

You’ve made your plan, now it’s cleaning time. First, throw away obvious trash and broken stuff. Removing junk creates space for important things.

After clearing the trash, sort what’s left. You’ll face tough choices. Make three piles: keep, donate, and store. Keep things you use or love. Donate what you don’t need to shelters or charities.

Sorting can be tough, so take breaks. It’s hard, especially with sentimental things. Take your time to decide what stays and what goes.

If you struggle with sentimental items, get help from decluttering experts. They offer great advice to keep your home clutter-free.

“The key to successful decluttering is being intentional about the items that you choose to keep. Surround yourself with things that bring you joy and let go of the rest.” – The Joyful Organizer

trash removal DIY

Get organized with these sorting tips:

  • Start with one room at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Assign specific areas for each pile (keep, donate, store) to keep the process organized.
  • Label boxes or bins clearly to avoid confusion later on.
  • Ask yourself if each item serves a purpose or brings you joy before deciding to keep it.

Take Items to Storage or Donation Locations and Organize What Remains

You’ve sorted your stuff and decided what needs to go. Now, carry these items to storage or a donation spot. You might need to go more than once to make sure everything is handled right.

Listen to your gut on what to keep or toss. The point is to declutter and organize. If something doesn’t make you happy or isn’t useful anymore, let it go.

With the extra stuff gone, focus on organizing what’s left. Make sure things you’re keeping are easy to see and reach. Everything should have its own spot.

Finding things may be tricky at first. Be kind to yourself during this adjustment. As time passes, you’ll get the hang of your new setup. It will be simpler to find what you need.


How can I plan my home cleanout?

First, outline your goals for the cleanout. Note down items to remove. Choose between donating them or hiring a dumpster service.

What should I do to start the cleaning process?

Kick off by tossing out trash and items that are broken. Then, organize the leftovers into three groups: keep, donate, or store. Remember to take short breaks to keep your energy up and stay sharp.

What should I do with the items I’m getting rid of?

After sorting, move the discard pile to storage or a donation center. You might need to make a few trips. Listen to your gut on what to keep and what to part with.

How should I organize what remains?

Arrange the keepers in your space in a visible and reachable way. Assign each a spot. It might take a while to remember each item’s place, so stay patient.

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