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Understanding Energy-Efficient Water Heater Rebates in Corona

The Corona Utilities Department runs programs and rebates to help Corona locals save money and conserve resources. They offer rebates for energy-efficient water heaters, encouraging residents to choose greener, cost-saving options. You can get these rebates for various water heaters, especially high-efficiency ones and those with an ENERGY STAR label.

Applying for these rebates is easy. You can do it online at the City of Corona Utilities Department’s website or by contacting them. These rebates lower the initial cost of buying and setting up energy-efficient water heaters. They make switching to eco-friendlier appliances more budget-friendly. By using these rebates, people not only reduce their energy bills but also help create a sustainable future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Corona Utilities Department offers ongoing programs and rebates for energy-efficient water heaters.
  • Residents in Corona can upgrade to more eco-friendly and energy-saving water heaters by applying for these rebates.
  • The rebates are available for high-efficiency models and those endorsed by ENERGY STAR.
  • Residents can apply for rebates online or by contacting the City of Corona Utilities Department.
  • By taking advantage of these rebates, residents can save money and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Available Rebate Programs and Eligibility Criteria

The City of Corona Utilities Department offers several rebates for energy-efficient water heaters. These rebates encourage people to get greener, cost-saving water heaters. This helps save energy and keeps resources from being wasted.

Here are some of the rebate programs available:

  • Rebates for high-efficiency clothes washers
  • Premium high-efficiency toilet rebates
  • Weather-based irrigation controllers rebates
  • Soil moisture sensors rebates
  • Rotating nozzles rebates
  • Rain barrels rebates
  • Pool covers rebates

Rebate amounts change based on the appliance or equipment and how efficient it is. For instance, you can get up to $135 for a high-efficiency clothes washer. For a top-quality efficient toilet, you could get up to $100.

To get these rebates, go to the SoCalWaterSmart website. They give out rebates first-come, first-served until the money runs out. Apply soon to not miss out.

There are specific requirements to get these rebates. To qualify for a clothes washer rebate, it must use water very efficiently. For the irrigation controller rebate, you must be using it in your yard.

For more details on these rebates and how to qualify, check the City of Corona Utilities Department’s website.

Taking part in these rebate programs helps residents save on energy-efficient water heaters. It also helps save water in Corona.


The City of Corona Utilities Department in California offers rebates for energy-efficient water heaters. These rebates help homeowners save money and protect the environment. They apply to various water heaters, including those with high efficiency and ENERGY STAR ratings.

Applying for these rebates is easy. You can apply online at the City of Corona Utilities Department’s website or get help by contacting them. Remember, these rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis. So, it’s wise to apply early before the funds run out.

These rebates provide a great opportunity for Corona residents to save money and help the environment. Upgrading to an energy-efficient water heater reduces energy use and lowers bills. For details or help with installations, call Local Plumbers 4 U at 909-378-9322 or visit their website.

What are energy-efficient water heater rebates?

Energy-efficient water heater rebates are incentives in Corona, California. They encourage people to buy green, energy-saving water heaters. These rebates lower the initial cost, making it easier for residents to choose eco-friendly appliances.

How can I apply for energy-efficient water heater rebates?

To apply for these rebates, Corona residents can visit the City of Corona Utilities Department’s website or call them. It’s a first-come, first-served deal, so apply early to get your rebate.

What types of water heaters are eligible for rebates?

Rebates cover various water heaters, including high-efficiency and ENERGY STAR models. These units use less energy, cutting utility bills and helping the planet. Changing to an efficient model saves money and supports sustainability.

Can I apply for multiple rebate programs offered by the Corona Utilities Department?

Yes, the Corona Utilities Department has many rebates, not just for water heaters. Residents can also apply for rebates on items like efficient clothes washers, toilets, and pool covers. Each has its own eligibility rules.

How long are the rebate programs available?

These rebate programs go on until the money runs out. It’s a good idea to apply quickly to get your rebate. Check the City of Corona Utilities Department’s website for the latest rebate program information.

How do energy-efficient water heater rebates benefit residents?

These rebates make it cheaper to get energy-efficient water heaters. Residents enjoy lower bills and help create a better environment. They reduce energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Where can I find more information about the rebate programs and eligibility criteria?

For details on rebate programs and who can apply, visit the City of Corona Utilities Department’s website. For accurate, current information, the website or a direct call is best.

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