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Plumbing Service Santa Ana, CA

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History of Santa Ana

Santa Ana has a rich and varied history that dates back to 1810, when the Spanish governor of California granted Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana to José Antonio Yorba. The rancho was home to a diverse Californio community that included Native Americans, Spanish settlers, and mestizos. After Mexico gained independence from Spain, the rancho was enlarged and became one of the most valuable in the region.

However, following the American Conquest of California in 1848, the rancho was sold to the Sepúlveda family, who subsequently lost their land claim in a lawsuit. In 1869, William H. Spurgeon purchased 74 acres of land from the Sepúlvedas and founded the modern city of Santa Ana. He laid out streets and lots and built a general store and a hotel. He also donated land for a courthouse, a school, and a church.

Santa Ana grew rapidly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, thanks to its location near the Santa Ana River and its fertile soil. It became a center of agriculture, commerce, and industry. It also attracted immigrants from various countries, such as China, Japan, Mexico, Germany, and Ireland. Santa Ana incorporated as a city in 1886 and became the county seat of Orange County in 1889.


Coordinates 33° 44′ 27″ N, 117° 52′ 53″ W

Zip codes: 92701-92708, 92711, 92712

Culture and Attractions in Santa Ana

Today, Santa Ana is a major regional economic and cultural hub for the Orange Coast. It is home to several attractions, such as the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art, the Discovery Cube Orange County, the Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park, and the Old Orange County Courthouse. It also has a vibrant downtown area that features historic buildings, art galleries, restaurants, bars, and shops.

Santa Ana is also known for its diversity and its Latino influence. According to the 2020 census, about 80% of its population is Latino, mostly of Mexican origin. Santa Ana has been characterized by The New York Times as “the face of a new California, a state where Latinos have more influence in everyday life—electorally, culturally and demographically—than almost anywhere else in the country.”


Relation to Corona, California

One of the neighboring cities of Santa Ana is Corona, California. Corona is located about 25 miles east of Santa Ana and has a population of about 170,000 people. Corona was founded in 1886 by Robert Taylor Merrill as a citrus-growing community. It was originally named South Riverside but changed its name to Corona (Spanish for “crown”) in 1896 after its circular layout.

Corona became known as “The Circle City” because of its unique street design that consists of a circular Grand Boulevard that encloses an inner grid of streets. The circle was intended to be a racetrack for horses but later became a venue for automobile races in the early 20th century. Corona also hosted several famous racers and celebrities, such as Barney Oldfield and Frank Sinatra.

Corona has a diverse economy that includes manufacturing, healthcare, education, retail, and entertainment. It is home to several companies, such as Monster Beverage Corporation.

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