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Plumbing Service Pomona, CA

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A Rich History and Culture

Pomona has a long and rich history that dates back to the 18th century when it was inhabited by the Gabrielino (Tongva) Indians. After the Spanish colonized California, the area became part of the Rancho San José land grant in 1771, and later passed to Mexico after its independence from Spain. Pomona was founded in 1875 by a group of settlers from Indiana and was named after the Roman goddess of fruitful abundance, Pomona. The city quickly became a center of citrus production and trade, and its orchards earned it the nickname “Queen of the Citrus Belt.”

Today, Pomona’s diverse and vibrant arts and culture scene is a testament to its rich heritage. The city hosts several annual cultural events, including the L.A. County Fair, the NHRA Auto Club Raceway, and the Pomona Swap Meet and Classic Car Show. It also has several museums and points of interest, such as the American Museum of Ceramic Art, the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, and the Phillips Mansion.


Coordinates 34° 3′ 39″ N, 117° 45′ 21″ W

Zip codes: 91766-91768

Architecture and Urban Design

Pomona’s architecture and urban design are a reflection of its diverse and dynamic character. The city has several historic districts that preserve its architectural heritage, such as the Lincoln Park Historic District, the Wilton Heights Historic District, and the Downtown Pomona Historic District. Each district features unique architecture from different eras and styles, including Craftsman-style bungalows, Spanish Colonial Revival-style homes, and historic buildings.

Pomona also has some modern and innovative buildings that enhance its urban landscape. The Cal Poly Pomona Innovation Village is a mixed-use development that houses research and technology companies, while the dA Center for the Arts is a contemporary art gallery and community center.

Nearby Attractions

Pomona is conveniently located near several major freeways and highways that connect it to other cities and attractions in Southern California. One of these cities is Corona, which is about 25 miles east of Pomona. Corona is known for its circular layout that was designed by Hiram Clay Kellogg, a civil engineer who worked for the railroad company. Corona also has several parks and recreation areas that provide opportunities for outdoor activities, such as Corona Lake, Corona Heritage Park and Museum, and Skyline Drive Trails.


In conclusion, Pomona, California, is a city that offers a rich history, culture, and architecture. From its citrus heritage to its diverse arts and culture scene, Pomona has something for everyone. Its historic districts, modern buildings, and nearby attractions make it a great place to visit and explore. If you’re ever in the area, make sure to stop by and experience all that Pomona has to offer!

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